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Eastbury students in action

Eastbury Community School students in action.

Eastbury Community School give Gaia astronomers a lesson in how to plot a Supernova lightcurve at the Royal Astronomical Society

19 September 2016

Megan Greet (Head of physics), Jamie Paton (teacher) and sixteen students from Eastbury Community School were delighted to be invited to the Royal Astronomical Society on Wednesday to demonstrate that teenagers really can carry out genuine scientific research. In partnership with the Institute for Research in Schools, led by Becky Parker, Eastbury were selected as the pilot school to analyse data from the Gaia project. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance the enrichment work being undertaken to stretch and challenge across the attainment spectrum. The students produced a light curve to identify a suspected supernova and will continue to analyse new data in the coming months using Gaia's publicly available data through their website and the Alerts app.

Try and follow the Eastbury students and plot a light curve for the Supernova.

Screenshot of Gaia Alerts app

We made an App!

19 September 2016. We made an App! Now you can get Gaia Alerts sent to your iOS device. The Android version will follow soon.


Gaia spots its first superluminous supernova

24 May 2016. On May 16, the Gaia satellite spotted its first superluminous supernova - Gaia16apd.

Student observing

Find a Supernova

17 March 2016. Gaia Alerts schools' programme launched.