Gaia in the UK

Taking the Galactic Census

Why are we looking?

Transients can come from a wide variety of different astrophysical systems. Some of the most interesting things that Gaia will see are described here:

SNIa: artist's impression


At the end of their lives, some stars will explode and produce a bright transient which astronomers call a supernova.

stellar density map

Cataclysmic Variables

What are cataclysmic variables and how does Gaia see them?

stellar density map

Black Hole Transients

Supermassive black holes lurking at the centres of galaxies can give rise to phenomena such as Active Galactic Nuclei and Tidal Disruption Events.

Stellar density map

Stellar Transients

Even small stars like our own Sun can experience outbursts and flares.

stellar density map

Historic Transients

Astronomy is the oldest science, and transients have been observed for longer than you might think.

stellar density map

Transients in the Future

What is being planned now for after Gaia?