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Mapping the Stars: Tania Kovats in Conversation with Professor Gerry Gilmore

Event date: 
30 June, 2014 - 18:30 to 20:30
Event location: 
Contemporary Art Society, 59 Central Street, London EC1V 3AF

Tania Kovats and Gerry Gilmore

Tania Kovats and Professor Gerry Gilmore. Photo credit: Helen Nisbet.


Tania Kovats has recently completed her year long Residency at the North West Cambridge Development where she has been working with Professor Gerry Gilmore at the Institute of Astronomy.  She has been profoundly inspired by the Institute's role in the remarkable space observatory Gaia, which will map the Milky Way in unprecedented detail, and she has produced a spectacular sculpture in response to this entitled 'One Billion Objects in Space'.  In this talk Professor Gilmore and Tania Kovats will look back over the year and will discuss the history of mapping the stars as well as the cultural implications of Gaia.

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Watch the video recording of the conversation.

More information on 'One Billion Objects in Space' and the North West Cambridge Art Programme.

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