Gaia in the UK

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Calendar of Gaia outreach activities - 2014




4 December10th Appleton Space Conference, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell, Oxfordshire, see 10th Appleton Space Conference websiteProfessor Gerry Gilmore
26 NovemberCity and Islington Sixth Form, LondonDr George Seabroke
10-21 NovemberI'm a scientist get me out of here, Space Zone Scientist, Heather Campbell
19 NovemberNASA/IPAC Wide-field InfraRed Surveys: Science and Techniques (WFIRST) Conference, Pasadena, USA, see conference websiteProfessor Gerry Gilmore
3 NovemberRoyal Observatory, Edinburgh public Gaia talkDr Heather Campbell
23 OctoberLeadership Lessons from Gaia, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable LeadershipProfessor Gerry Gilmore
22 OctoberFREE Twilight CPD Sessions for ALL Secondary School Teachers at Techniquest, Cardiff BayDr Anna Hourihane  and Dr Clare Worley
21 OctoberTeacher training CPD event: Gaia spacecraft as a context for teaching science at National Science Learning Centre, YorkDr Anna Hourihane
9 October"The Mighty Sky". Astronomy inspired student music projectProfessor Paul Roche
29 SeptemberSymposium, Groningen University, the NetherlandsProfessor Gerry Gilmore
13 SeptemberGaia exhibit at MSSL/UCL open dayProfessor Gerry Gilmore, Dr George Seabroke
12 SeptemberKings Lynn and District Astronomical Society public talkProfessor Gerry Gilmore
11 September"Gaia: Europe's satellite to map the Milky Way" - public talk at Planetarium Niebo Kopernika, WarsawProfessor Gerry Gilmore
11 September"From Copernicus to Gaia", Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, PolandProfessor Gerry Gilmore

6 September

British Science Festival Gaia stand

Cambridge and MSSL Gaia team members
1 SeptemberSt Neots Astronomy AssociationDr Heather Campbell
1 SeptemberMaelor School Penley, N. Wales visiting the Institute of Astronomy (IoA)Dr Heather Campbell and others

22 July

Rotary Club

Dr Anna Hourihane

16 July

Inspiring Science Education CPD Workshop, see:

Dr Heather Campbell

1 - 6 July

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition Gaia stand

Many of the Gaia team from Universities and Industry

30 JuneMapping the Stars: Tania Kovats in Conversation with Professor Gerry Gilmore, Contemporary Art Society, LondonProfessor Gerry Gilmore
25 JuneLetchworth & District Astronomical SocietyDr Anna Hourihane

10 June

St Ivo Schools talk

Dr Morgan Fraser

8 - 10 June

Teacher training CPD event: Gaia spacecraft as a context for teaching science at Rutherford Appleton Labs

Professor Gerry Gilmore (x2), Dr Floor van Leeuwen, Dr George Seabroke, Dr Anna Hourihane and Dr Heather Campbell

5 June

One Billion Objects in Space installation by Tania Kovats (Friday - Sunday, 6th - 20th June) opening evening


5 June

Nene Valley Astronomical Society

Dr Heather Campbell

1 MayNew Zealand High Commission Kea societyProfessor Gerry Gilmore
30 AprilOxford May Music festivalProfessor Gerry Gilmore
13 AprilBritish Astronomical Association Annual Meeting plenaryProfessor Gerry Gilmore

25 March

Gaia Live in Schools

Organised by Dr Nic Walton (those taking part included Dr Morgan Fraser, Dr Anna Hourihane, Nadia Blagorodnova, Iulia Simion, Dr George Seabroke

22 March

Cambridge Science Festival - department open day

Most of the Gaia team + two talks by Professor Gerry Gilmore

21 MarchMichael Penston Lecture, Cambridge Astronomical  AssociationProfessor Gerry Gilmore

21 March

Teacher CPD training day, University of South Wales, (March 2014)

Dr Anna Hourihane, Dr Heather Campbell and Dr Simon Hodgkin

6 March

Durham University St Cuthbert’s 125th Anniversary Lecture

Professor Gerry Gilmore

5 MarchBirmingham UniversityProfessor Gerry Gilmore

4 March

IoP Midlands Branch Public talk

Professor Gerry Gilmore

3 March

Oxford University Space Society

Professor Gerry Gilmore

5 February

Michael West Public Lecture, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Gerry Gilmore

31 January

Capel County Primary School

Dr Heather Campbell

9 January

BBC TV “StarGazing Live”

Professor Gerry Gilmore