Gaia in the UK

Taking the Galactic Census

Calendar of Gaia outreach activities - 2018




24 October"Mapping the Milky Way in Six Dimensions: stars, stardust and Dark Matter", public lecture, SCI, London.Prof Gerry Gilmore
22 October"Gaia: one billion stars in 3D" stand at the Norwich Science FestivalGaia team
17 August"Gaia", Cambridge Astronomical AssociationDr Floor van Leeuwen
2 July - 8 July"Gaia: one billion stars in 3D" stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018Gaia team
6 JuneAstronomy on tap, The Maypole, Cambridgemembers of Cambridge Gaia team, Dr Matt Bothwell
25 AprilGaia Data Release 2 press conference, RAS, LondonGaia team
24 MarchGaia stand at the Institute of Astronomy open afternoon, Cambridge Science FestivalGaia team
7 MarchGaia: Imaging the Milky Way, Papworth Astronomy ClubDr Nicholas Walton