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North West Cambridge Development: Artist Residency Programme

One Billion Objects in Space close-up

The photograph above shows a close-up of One Billion Objects in Space installation by Tania, which opened in June 2014 at The Simplex Barn, North West Cambridge Development, Gravel Hill Farm, Madingley Rise, Madingley Road CB3 0FU. The installation was  open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-4pm from 6 - 22 June 2014. Photo credit: Joe Plommer.

An Art Strategy for North West Cambridge has been written by the Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts.

The backbone of this Strategy is the Artist Residency programme which appoints three artists every year throughout the duration of the twenty-year development. The Artist Residency programme fosters an interdisciplinary approach to creative research, and creates a physical and intellectual space for the development of meaningful artistic and academic collaborations on the North West Cambridge site.

The programme encourages collaboration between artists and departments within the University relevant to each phase of the development. In the pivotal first year the three artists appointed to work on the North West Cambridge Site were Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, Tania Kovats and Hannah Rickards. Their research was aligned respectively to the following Cambridge University Departments: Archaeology, Astronomy and Earth Sciences.  At the heart of the Residency programme for North West Cambridge is the idea that artists are amongst the very first inhabitants of the new community, setting a tone of collaboration and creative thinking from the outset.

The Residency programme seeks to establish connections to University research faculties and relevant museums and institutions, thereby stimulating an exchange of knowledge and the development of collaborative frameworks. The programme also offers the opportunity to respond to the rich cultural offer of Cambridge and the University, linking into academic and college life, museums and libraries, festivals and local organisations through partnership working.

The programme also provides a substantial platform for existing and future communities to engage with artists and the development of their work. Depending on each artist's practice this engagement can be achieved through a number of outcomes, which are developed  in collaboration with the project team. Outcomes might include: participatory projects; exhibitions and events on site or in other University locations; workshops, seminars and performances; publications and online projects. There is also scope for permanent and temporary commissions for the North West Cambridge site which might come out of the work the artists do during their year long residency.

For more information on the Artist Residency programme contact Maeve Polkinhorn, Artist Residency Programme Coordinator for North West Cambridge:

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