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Comparison of Gaia NGC 1818 test image with OGLE-IV image of the cluster

NGC1818 Gaia-OGLE comparison

Shown above is a comparison of a part of the NGC 1818 test Gaia image (right) with the OGLE-IV image of the same area (left). The cross-match was carried out manually by Łukasz Wyrzykowski, a member of OGLE and Gaia teams. Łukasz also did a manual comparison of selected stars (see image below; OGLE image is shown on the left, Gaia image on the right).

The comparison shows that 20 mag objects are  visible on this 2.8 second-exposure Gaia image, as well as demonstrating the gain from space resolution. Note that OGLE magnitudes are in I-band, while Gaia observes in a broad visual band.

Cross-match of NGC181 Gaia and OGLE images

Both images were provided by Łukasz Wyrzykowski. Download the original images: Gaia-OGLE-IV comparison (PNG, 1.01 MB); comparison of selected stars (PNG, 506 KB).

Page last updated: 07 February 2014