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Gaia DR2 workshops

Workshop Rationale

The Gaia Data Release 2 is scheduled for Wednesday 25 April 2018. The ESA Gaia-DR2 announcement and the contents of Gaia-DR2 are given at

The UK Gaia project ( is organising a series of one day workshops open to interested astronomers in the UK. These will provide a basic introduction to the Gaia mission, an overview of the catalogue contents including scientific quality and practical information on how to handle and access them from the Gaia archive for science research. 


Registration for the Gaia Data Release 2 (Gaia DR2) UK Workshops is now closed.

Workshop Information

Information about the three initial workshops will be found at the following pages (available soon):

Workshop Content

Each one day workshop will cover similar content. 

  • Gaia Mission and Status

  • What's in Gaia DR2

  • Usage of Astrometric data (inc handling of errors)

  • The Gaia data archive - intro in how to access Gaia Data and ise of ADQL in the ESA archive.

  • Visualising Gaia DR2 data including TopCat/ Aladin

  • Example Use Cases

  • Participants Use Cases

  • Participants presentations

  • Feedback and Wrap-Up

Workshop Requirements and Logistics

Detailed information about each workshop can be found on each of the individual workshop pages.

Workshop Organisers

The UK Gaia DR2 workshops are organised by Nicholas Walton (IoA, Cambridge), Nigel Hambly (IfA, University of Edinburgh), George Seabroke (MSSL/UCL) and Mark Taylor (University of Bristol). The tutors at each workshop are listed on each of the individual workshop pages.