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Gaia Data Release 3

Details for the UK Gaia DR3 release event can be found on this dedicated event page.

Gaia Data Release 3 (Gaia DR3) was published on 13 June 2022. The data is available through the Gaia Archive. The Gaia DR3 catalogue builds upon the Early Data Release 3 (released on 3 December 2020) and combines, for the same stretch of time, these already-published data products with numerous new data products such as extended objects and non-single stars. For more information see Gaia Data Release 3 page.

Overview of Gaia Data Release 3 in numbers:

 # sources in Gaia DR3# sources in Gaia DR2# sources in Gaia DR1
Total number of sources1,811,709,7711,692,919,1351,142,679,769
Gaia Early Data Release 3
Number of sources with full astrometry1,467,744,8181,331,909,7272,057,050
Number of 5-parameter sources585,416,709--
Number of 6-parameter sources882,328,109--
Number of 2-parameter sources343,964,953361,009,4081,140,622,719
Gaia-CRF sources1,614,173556,8692,191
Sources with mean G magnitude1,806,254,4321,692,919,1351,142,679,769
Sources with mean GBP-band photometry1,542,033,4721,381,964,755-
Sources with mean GRP-band photometry1,554,997,9391,383,551,713-
 New in Gaia Data Release 3Gaia DR2Gaia DR1
Sources with radial velocities33,812,1837,224,631-
Sources with mean GRVS-band magnitudes32,232,187--
Sources with rotational velocities3,524,677--
Mean BP/RP spectra219,197,643--
Mean RVS spectra999,645--
Variable source analysis10,509,536550,7373,194
Variability types2462
Supervised machine-learning classification for variables9,976,881390,4493,194
Specific Object Studies - Cepheids15,0219,575599
Specific Object Studies - Compact companions6,306--
Specific Object Studies - Eclipsing binaries2,184,477--
Specific Object Studies - Long-period variables1,720,58889,617-
Specific Object Studies - Microlensing events363--
Specific Object Studies - Planetary transits214--
Specific Object Studies - RR Lyrae stars271,779140,7842,595
Specific Object Studies - Short-timescale variables471,6793,018-
Specific Object Studies - Solar-like rotational modulation variables474,026147,535-
Specific Object Studies - Upper-main-sequence oscillators54,476--
Specific Object Studies - Active galactic nuclei872,228--
Photometrically-variable sources with radial-velocity time series1,898--
Sources with object classifications1,590,760,469--
Stars with emission-line classifications57,511--
Sources with astrophysical parameters from BP/RP spectra470,759,263161,497,595-
Sources with astrophysical parameters assuming an unresolved binary348,711,151--
Sources with spectral types217,982,837--
Sources with evolutionary parameters (mass and age)128,611,111--
Hot stars with spectroscopic parameters2,382,015--
Ultra-cool stars94,158--
Cool stars with activity index1,349,499--
Sources with H-alpha emission measurements235,384,119--
Sources with astrophysical parameters from RVS spectra5,591,594--
Sources with chemical abundances from RVS spectra (up to 13 species)2,513,593--
Sources with a diffuse interstellar band (DIB) in their RVS spectrum472,584--
Non-single stars (astrometric, spectroscopic, eclipsing, orbits, trends)813,687--
Non-single stars - orbital astrometric solutions169,227--
Non-single stars - orbital spectroscopic solutions (SB1 / SB2)186,905--
Non-single stars - eclipsing binaries87,073--
QSO candidates6,649,162--
QSO candidates - redshifts6,375,063--
QSO candidates - host galaxy detected64,498--
QSO candidates - host galaxy surface brightness profiles15,867--
Galaxy candidates4,842,342--
Galaxy candidates - redshifts1,367,153--
Galaxy candidates - surface brightness profiles914,837--
Solar system objects158,15214,099-
Solar system objects - epoch astrometry (CCD transits)23,336,467--
Solar system objects - orbits154,787--
Solar system objects - average BP/RP reflectance spectra60,518--
Solar system objects - planetary satellites31--
All-sky total galactic extinction maps at different spatial resolutionsHEALPix levels 6, 7, 8, and 9--
Gaia Andromeda Photometric Survey (GAPS) with lightcurves for all objects1,257,319--