Gaia in the UK

Taking the Galactic Census

60 Second Adventures in Astronomy

Gaia in one minute

Astronomy in one minute

The Big Bang

How big was the Big Bang?
Watch cartoon The Big Bang


What happens when a star explodes?
Watch cartoon Supernovae


What are the exoplanets?
Watch cartoon Exoplanets

A Day on Mercury

Find out how you'd pass the time on a planet where a single day lasts two years.
Watch cartoon A Day on Mercury

The Rotating Moon

Discover how the Moon's orbit means we always see its best side.
Watch cartoon The Rotating Moon

Life on Mars

Discover how asteroids and microbes flying through space could hold the secret to life on Earth and Mars.
Watch cartoon Life on Mars

Event Horizons

Black holes: what is the point of no return?
Watch cartoon Event Horizons

Dark Matter

What's the matter with dark matter?
Watch cartoon Dark Matter

Dark Energy

Dark Energy explores how Einstein was right all along about the expanding Universe.
Watch cartoon Dark Energy

Special Relativity

Who had more fun in life, Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman?
Watch cartoon Special Relativity