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Gaia Early Data Release 3 - Gaia Sky in colour

Gaia Early Data Release 3 sky map

New flux maps were created based on the Gaia EDR3 data. The maps were created in the same way as the Gaia DR2 flux maps were created (, but now using Gaia EDR3 data instead of Gaia DR2 data.

The following images are available (image dimensions in pixels):

Cartesian projection:

2000 x 1000 (3.7 MB)

4000 x 2000 (17.3 MB)

16000 x 8000 (236.1 MB)

Hammer projection:

1000 x 500 (550 KB)

2000 x 1000 (2.7 MB)

8000 x 4000 (60.5 MB)

Acknowledgement: Images were created by A. Moitinho, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Page last updated: 03 December 2020