Gaia in the UK

Taking the Galactic Census

What and why

Gaia satellite

What Is Gaia?

Gaia mission in a nutshell.

Artist's impression of Gaia Alerts

What Are Gaia Alerts?

The Gaia Alerts project is working to find transient events in the data from Gaia, and announce them to the wold in real time.

stellar density map

Why Are We Looking?

Some of the most interesting things that Gaia will see are described here.

Gaia's two fields of view

Gaia Observation Story

From Gaia observations from space and  ground-based follow-up of Gaia Alerts.


Why We Take More Images

We can use telescopes around the world to take images over time to see how the object changes.

Dispersion prism

Why We Take Spectroscopy

By taking a spectrum, we can gain valuable clues as to the true nature of an object.